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I’ve been too busy to post anything lately. So this is my first post after a little hiatus.

The illustration inspired by Julien Macdonald Fall 2015. Check out two another illustrations made recently.



Reviewing old photos from trips, I found some photos of Tate Modern that I completely forgot to share. And oh how I love this museum! I have only been there 2 times, but I hope to visit it soon once again.
The first thing I saw was a painting by Giorgio de Chirico.
 I have somehow mixed feelings about the work of this Italian artist. Some things draw me to it, and some things are simply incomprehensible.
 Nearby hangs the most famous picture of the German artist Max Ernst. Perhaps later I will write a separate post about it.
 And here is a picture of the artist that I had not heard of previously. That’s how all avant-gardists’ attempts to draw a portrait ended 🙂 Seriously speaking, I am a little embarrassed by the fact that I didn’t know or didn’t remember Francis Picabia’s name from my university lectures. After all, he had a great influence on modern art.

And this is a picture that I longed to see after watching this video
Please check it out. Ibrahim el-Salahi‘s style inspires me a lot.
Twice I approached this painting considering every detail and every line. Unfortunately, on the photo it doesn’t look half as impressive as in real life.

The rest of the photos and paintings I am going to leave without comments.

Paul Gauguin (1848 – 1903)

Do you love Gauguin’s art like I do?

New Nordic Fashion Illustration II

Some time ago I already mentioned that New Nordic Fashion Illustration II exhibition was opened in Tallinn. There were presented works of both Estonian and Scandinavian illustrators. And I finally went to this show! I liked all and everything! This is an incredible project, and I am very grateful to the organizers that they were able to bring illustrations of such wonderful artists, plus they supported our talented illustrators.
My primary goal was to see the works by Natalie Foss. Done! Live it looks even better than on a computer screen.

There were works of the famous Finnish illustrator Laura Laine.

But most of all I liked the works by Riika Sormunen. I thought I squealed with delight when I saw her paintings. They were slightly scary, but beatiful. I immediately told my sister: “Look! Look! It’s clear that this person is really into Ukiyo-e“.
Among other things, the plate said: “Her works bear certain resemblance to Henry Matisse’s static still lives, the composition rules of classical Japanese prints, William Morris’s and Josef Frank’s ornaments, the line work of the fifties, and the choice of subject matter of the sixties and seventies. All this blends into a feminine, decorative yet devastating everyday routine – somewhere in the next room to Virginia Woolf.”

And some more photos from the exhibition.

For those who are not from Estonia: quick, buy the tickets to Tallinn! If you are not interested in this particular exhibition, you might be in that one!


At last another project for is done! Please check it out
and give me your attention and likes! Thank you!
And this ⬇ is one of graphic artworks from the collection “Spirits”.

ERKI Fashion Show

On the 23rd of May ERKI Young Designers Show was held. As always, iI couldn’t see everything from where I sat. That is why I have very few pictures compared to the last year. This time I sat far away from the stage, on the left side. Some models didn’t even go our way, and I believe, about 1/3 of the audience was a bit annoyed about it. However, it didn’t upset me, because I didn’t like anything anyway. Not because collections were poor and uninteresting, but because I couldn’t relate to them. The show itself was very interesting, but I wasn’t as exited as last year.
The show didn’t have a specific theme, but for some reason almost all designers chose graphic prints, black and white looks, and woods in their videos, which were created in cooperation with the Baltic Film and Media School.
As for the collection that won the first prize, I have nothing to say… I have long understood that I don’t understand anything 🙂 But still, congratulations!

My first group exhibition

My artwork was selected for the exhibition DonkeyArtPrize, which will be held in Tokyo from September 2nd to 9th. Yeah! Well done! But! I’m worrying about all shipping costs and sending my work back to Estonia. God, give me strength… and money, of course! 😀


At last I’ve created a profile on! So please check it out:
I hope this sketch is catchy enough to grab your attention.

“KiyaKiya” Painting Series

Beautiful art from Japanese artist Akino Kondoh (1980).

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