Michael Carson

I haven’t posted anything related to American contemporary art before.
Some general information about Michael Carson. He was born in 1972 in Minneapolis, graduated from the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design in 1996.

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BLACK and WHITE 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn. 2 part

After visiting Vabaduse Gallery, I went to another one, but I didn’t like the works exhibited there at all, so I will not share the photos with you.
Disappointed, I invited a friend of mine to accompany me to the next exhibition in Kunstihoone.
There was a lot to see and even to hear. That day there were performing musicians from Pae Kollektiiv A couple of words about the music of this band: “Pae Kollektiiv performs music composed by Kirke Karja (pianist), where elements of jazz, rock and metal interwine in a dodecaphonic, polyphonic paradigm, with impressionistic landscapes.”
I was more than pleased by the evening, and I’m glad to share these photos with you.


My trip to London. Part 1.

I am extremely happy to have spent a week in London. It’s my third trip to this city, and a very different from the previous ones. While during my previous visit I went to 6 museums (yep, 6 museums in a week. Remember? I am such an art freak!), this time I only visited 3. Mostly, I was walking and spending time with my friend Kate (who is the co-author of this blog) and her pals. She is the one I was actually visiting.
All my new acquaintances are amazing fun people, and I really hope to see them again.

We got a good start on the very day of arrival. One of the reasons of my good mood was a free concert in The Finsbury Pub. Among the bands was a Kyla & Nat duo. (Else, you can listen to them here.)
The are terrific! I you ever hear about their prfomance somewhere in London, don’t hesitate to visit it – they are cute and funny.

After the concert, next important thing was to visit those parts of London that my tiny 4 size foot has never stepped on before. Shoreditch was on the top of our list. I and my friend Lena were slightly disappointed. We were expecting a graffiti on every wall and a hipster cafe around every corner. Sure it’s silly, but most of us tend to be naive in a touristic way.
We saw very little graffiti, and never managed to have a snack in any cafe. Of course, it’s a pity that our several hours in Shoreditch were spent just wandering around. However, I’m not going to give up. Next time I will surely go there once again with somebody who knows The Right Places and The Right Times. However, some things we did saw.
My first photo of graffiti was this work by Brazilian artist Mag Magrela.

I loved this artwork. It’s unbelievable! Website of Italian artist Millo.

A quick photo of graffiti by the Swedish artist Amara Por Dios. 
I really like this creature, but no idea who it belongs to.

Anyway, it’s not the last time I went to London. Which means that I still have a chance to fall in love with Shoreditch.

The most awesome South Korean female singers!

I like how they sound together!
Watch the video of their song ‘나는 달라(I’M DIFFERENT)’

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