For about two months I’ve been trying to write something about the exhibition Poetry and Spleen I visited in the beginning of summer. But I am only doing it now. I’m the worst blogger ever T_T Well, there is no excuse, but the good thing is that I did a lot of great photos that don’t fit into only one post. I added some of them to the slideshow.

When I observe fashion, I am mainly interested in details – maybe because I’m a sewer. So here you can see the photos of sleeves, collars, buttons, embroidery, stitches and other little beatiful things.

The exhibition which consisted of nearly 50 costumes and a large number of accessories was amazing. I’m really grateful to people who took part in the organization of this wonderful exhibition. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in KUMU (Art Museum in Tallinn), don’t miss it! Please read about the exhibition here. Also you can check out my post about the previous exhibition of Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection Art Deco Fashion.

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