Some time ago I already mentioned that New Nordic Fashion Illustration II exhibition was opened in Tallinn. There were presented works of both Estonian and Scandinavian illustrators. And I finally went to this show! I liked all and everything! This is an incredible project, and I am very grateful to the organizers that they were able to bring illustrations of such wonderful artists, plus they supported our talented illustrators.
My primary goal was to see the works by Natalie Foss. Done! Live it looks even better than on a computer screen.

There were works of the famous Finnish illustrator Laura Laine.

But most of all I liked the works by Riika Sormunen. I thought I squealed with delight when I saw her paintings. They were slightly scary, but beatiful. I immediately told my sister: “Look! Look! It’s clear that this person is really into Ukiyo-e“.
Among other things, the plate said: “Her works bear certain resemblance to Henry Matisse’s static still lives, the composition rules of classical Japanese prints, William Morris’s and Josef Frank’s ornaments, the line work of the fifties, and the choice of subject matter of the sixties and seventies. All this blends into a feminine, decorative yet devastating everyday routine – somewhere in the next room to Virginia Woolf.”

And some more photos from the exhibition.

For those who are not from Estonia: quick, buy the tickets to Tallinn! If you are not interested in this particular exhibition, you might be in that one!