On the 23rd of May ERKI Young Designers Show was held. As always, iI couldn’t see everything from where I sat. That is why I have very few pictures compared to the last year. This time I sat far away from the stage, on the left side. Some models didn’t even go our way, and I believe, about 1/3 of the audience was a bit annoyed about it. However, it didn’t upset me, because I didn’t like anything anyway. Not because collections were poor and uninteresting, but because I couldn’t relate to them. The show itself was very interesting, but I wasn’t as exited as last year.
The show didn’t have a specific theme, but for some reason almost all designers chose graphic prints, black and white looks, and woods in their videos, which were created in cooperation with the Baltic Film and Media School.
As for the collection that won the first prize, I have nothing to say… I have long understood that I don’t understand anything 🙂 But still, congratulations!