April 2015

Natalie Foss (Oslo, Norway)

Natalie Foss is one of 21 illustrators, who will exhibit their works in “New Nordic Fashion Illustration II” exposition (23.05 -27.09) in Tallinn. And I’m really looking forward to see her art in real-life.



Today I would like to tell about the Harnett&Pope brand.
When I was wandering through the streets of Shoreditch. I saw their boutique. In the shop window, there was a shirt with beetles print on the collar that caught my attention. When I entered the shop I realised that a single dress here cost all my money for the trip to London.
I am not a big fan of shopping, and certainly not the one who sighs for some flowery dress. I would rather sew something myself than buy it in the shop. However, their collection more than matched my taste – maybe not my lifestyle, but the one I’d like to lead. I bought nothing, but decided to follow the brand and its collections.
Its creators are Christie Harnett and Katie Pope. They met during their studies at The Nottingham Trent University. Before creating their own brand, they worked in other fashion companies. Here is some info from their website:

“Harnett&Pope is a result of years of design dialogue and shared design aesthetic. The overall aesthetic is casual yet elegant creating style that stands outside the current trends. The designers are inspired by Nature, Science and Religion, Art Deco and Surrealism with ethereal and gothic undertones. These abstract concepts translate into detailed and intricate garments mixing fluid, subtly oversized and tailored geometric shapes. There is an element of opulence in each collection with this nod to bygone eras.
Harnett&Pope garments are accessible luxury – adaptable, effortless and most importantly wearable. All the garments are timeless, unique and individual so that customers can make each piece their own. Wrapped, subtly oversized and fluid shapes are dominant in each collection. Harnett&Pope create clothing that women of all ages want today.”

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