December 2014

The most awesome South Korean female singers!

I like how they sound together!
Watch the video of their song ‘나는 달라(I’M DIFFERENT)’


Drink & Draw. December session

And another drawing session Drink and Draw was held at Pudel bar. Awesome! Every month I can’t wait for our little appointment with artists and a model to start. At the moment this is the only chance for me to draw a real model posed naked. I have to say people usually don’t want to pose even with clothes. My request to pose normally gets only one answer : “Uhm, maybe… someday… hell, no! it’s weird!”

Art Deco Fashion Design from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Collection

In the recent posts I was quite grumpy, but this is the post of pure love!
I wanted to write about the exhibition that I visited last month for a long-long time, but every day I postponed it. And in the end I decided not to write anything at all. If you want to read about this exhibition, here is all the info you need. If you are currently in Tallinn, don’t even read it, just get up and run to Kumu to see all this beauty.
I was amazing to look at all this wonderful embroidery, buttons and beads. It’s a pity that because of poor lighting only a few photos were good. Anyway, I picked some of them and want to share them with those who don’t have an opportunity to visit Alexandre Vassiliev’s exhibition.
Huge thanks to all the people who helped to bring this exhibition to Tallinn!

Fendi Pre-Fall 2015

Of the whole Fendi collection I like this green coat the most.

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