So, the second day.
On the first runway show that I coud visit, I saw a collection by Maire Valdmaa. It made me remember my batic painting classes at the university.
I think, in order to present patterns on the fabric in a more interesting way, designers should have worked more carefully on modelling the dresses.
Later, the collection by Iris Janvier was shown. I liked its pretty origami-style details and garment construction in general. The colour scheme wasn’t as nice though, and it marred the effect of this collection. You can see it here, it is worthy of notice.
Next on the runway was Kaidi Kuur. I liked several things, but this collection in the whole left me untouched, even though it was rather pretty to look at and – surprise, surprise! – colourful! I emphasize this fact because the rest of collections are just a gray and black fest.
After Kaidi And then was shown there was a collection by teachers of Estonian Academy of Arts, MOOD 100 …And that’s where everything was black and gray. I’ve got nothing to say. Reviewing the photos, I realized that almost nothing has caught my eye except several items in Japanese style.
I like Japanese style myself, and it truly inspires me. But – come on! Almost every collection fashioned one or another Japanese motive. By the end of the day it just got disappointing.