On the 23-26 of October there was a long-awaited TFW! Visiting all the runway shows turned out to be rather exhausting, but interesting, although I was less impressed than I expected. In this TFW my favourites were Triinu Pungits and Piret Ilves. Let’s start with day 1. I missed two first runway shows, but what can you do. I was busy backstage with Perit Muuga.

Later I ran to the award ceremony for Kuldnõel (The Golden Needle) and Hõbenõel (The Silver Needle).Hõbenõel was awarded to Triinu Pungits, and she was the one my friend and I cheered for.Kuldnõel was given to the UNDERPANTS! However, young men dancing in leggins and bunny ears made a deeper impression on me than the underwear collection itself.

After that, there was an afterparty where I suddenly found myself holding a glass of champagne. Except champagne, there you could also enjoy another fashion show.
It was only the first day, and I was already tired of seeing dark lipstick, catchy make-up and weird-looking hairstyles.