Recently I was at a fairly meaningless exhibition. The project involved several artists, but their installations, video installations and art objects were so equally meaningless, giving me the impression of a solo exhibition. Still, there was a certain idea: the interpretation of art by other forms of art. The exhibition was of a fun and easy nature.

Maybe, I’m a boring viewer with a conservative mindset, but I’m not sure I want to have fun at the museum. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like contemporary art! I like to consider pictures of contemporary artists, and I am certainly going to write about some of them. Even installations and performances can make a strong positive impression on me.

However, I get this annoying feeling of disgust when somebody is trying to pass a “kitten” for a “tiger”. If you choose a non-traditional way of transmitting art, it doesn’t mean that interesting and impressing the viewers will be any easier. From my own experience, I know that if an art object didn’t interest me from the first glance, I won’t spend time on reading the plate with the explanation.

Going back to the exhibition, the first thing we see there is an empty room with painted walls. Apparently, visitors are expected to get the feeling of “being inside the painting”. Passing through other halls, we can see painted stones, floors and even toilet paper, video installations (on one of them, a girl is walking on the snow and waving a colored piece of cloth), andother strange art objects. I remember my friend’s comment: „Can we really walk on THAT?“ In one of the rooms there was a disco ball hanging on the ceiling, and a bar with bathrobes colored with acryl. We were allowed to try them on. It was fun for no more than 5 minutes.

Much as I am grumbling here, time was not entirely wasted for nothing. I could not remember that I have ever been at the exhibition of op art (optical art), or at least any exhibition with a hint of that style. Incindentally, the aim of opart is to cause visual illusions. Geometry and bright colours can help with that. Not necessarily, but mainly these two conditions also help make you nauseous and dizzy. By the way, if anyone wants to explain the beauty of optical art to me, please feel free to comment.

Other exhibit items that I didn’t mention in this post can be seen here

and on the website of the artist and exhibition curator Merike Estna. Here you can see some beautiful photos.

Here is general information about the exhibition.

This video I have found in the vast expanses of internet.