Michael Carson

I haven’t posted anything related to American contemporary art before.
Some general information about Michael Carson. He was born in 1972 in Minneapolis, graduated from the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design in 1996.

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Waiting for the exhibition. Anu Põder.

On 17 March, the exhibition Be fragile! Be brafe! of Estonian sculptor Anu Põder will be opened at KUMU museum.

I saw some sculptures of Anu Põder for the first time last autumn. It is not what you can understand easily, but composition of objects and the choice of materials attract attention.

These are the surrealist sculptures made of pink plastic, which were displayed in the exhibition I visited last autumn.
Composition with a Man’s Head (1984) and Composition with a Torso and a Child’s Hands (1986).



It is definitely one of my favourite artworks. I enjoyed drawing this and I’m satisfied with the result.
And again you can check it on my behance profile.


Daphne (2016) ink on paper size: 102.1cmx72.2cm “…a heavy numbness seized her limbs, thin bark closed over her breasts, her hair turned into leaves, her arms into branches, her feet so swift a moment ago stuck fast in slow-growing roots, her face was lost in the canopy. Only her shining beauty was left…” Greek myth of Apollo and Daphne

Poetry and Spleen. The Victorian Female Image and Fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Collection. Part 1

For about two months I’ve been trying to write something about the exhibition Poetry and Spleen I visited in the beginning of summer. But I am only doing it now. I’m the worst blogger ever T_T Well, there is no excuse, but the good thing is that I did a lot of great photos that don’t fit into only one post. I added some of them to the slideshow.

When I observe fashion, I am mainly interested in details – maybe because I’m a sewer. So here you can see the photos of sleeves, collars, buttons, embroidery, stitches and other little beatiful things.

The exhibition which consisted of nearly 50 costumes and a large number of accessories was amazing. I’m really grateful to people who took part in the organization of this wonderful exhibition. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in KUMU (Art Museum in Tallinn), don’t miss it! Please read about the exhibition here. Also you can check out my post about the previous exhibition of Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection Art Deco Fashion.

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New artwork! Hurray

Unfortunately, because of my studies I have no time for blog posts about exhibitions and interesting art. But at least I have time for a quick post with one of my own art.


Tate Modern

Each time I return to London I visit Tate Modern. I was very excited to hear about future tranformations of my favourite museum. Yeah! It will be much bigger in the future.
Here are some photos of my last visit of this wonderful artworld.

New artwork

This is the strangest artwork i’ve ever done. But I like it!
You can check it on my behance profile.


BLACK and WHITE 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn. 2 part

After visiting Vabaduse Gallery, I went to another one, but I didn’t like the works exhibited there at all, so I will not share the photos with you.
Disappointed, I invited a friend of mine to accompany me to the next exhibition in Kunstihoone.
There was a lot to see and even to hear. That day there were performing musicians from Pae Kollektiiv A couple of words about the music of this band: “Pae Kollektiiv performs music composed by Kirke Karja (pianist), where elements of jazz, rock and metal interwine in a dodecaphonic, polyphonic paradigm, with impressionistic landscapes.”
I was more than pleased by the evening, and I’m glad to share these photos with you.


BLACK and WHITE. 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn. 1 part

Finally, the first normal post in a long time! Starting from September, my life has slightly changed – I am a student again. I study Japanese language and culture. I guess it’s not going to come as a surprise that there will be a lot more posts about Japanese artists in this blog. However, my main goal remains to be writing about the events in Tallinn.

In September, I visited several exhibitions dedicated to the 5th International Drawing Triennial. Unfortunately, I missed the application date and couldn’t participate. I too would like to participate in an exhibition of such a format. Hopefully, I will not miss the opportunity next time. Unfortunately, I did not have time to visit all exhibitions on the 5th International Drawing Triennial – I only visited 3 of them. First of all, I went to the Vabaduse Gallery. There were exhibited works of the Japanese artist Tomoyuki Sakuta. I noticed that they were rather similar to the style of Eduard Wiiralt, Estonian graphics artist.
There were only three paintings in the gallery, but I spent a lot of time looking at them.

And for comparison: Eduard Wiiralt “Hell”.

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